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Just as making a Will is a promise of love and care for your family and friends, leaving a gift to Christian Aid can keep your love alive across the world.

We have collected testimonies from supporters of Christian Aid Ireland who have pledged to take this step and leave a gift in their Will, our 'Living Legators'.

Here are their stories...

Living Legacies

Sandy and Margaret Lindsay

When a married couple from County Antrim visited Christian Aid’s projects in Malawi, they saw a large pool of dirty water, teaming with insects. They were shocked to hear that it was the only source of drinking water for an entire village. Next they were shown the site of a new borehole - the community would soon have clean water. That experience prompted Sandy and Margaret Lindsay to pledge a gift in their Will to Christian Aid. 

Margaret and Sandy Lindsay, Christian Aid legators, on their trip to the Galapagos Islands.
Jean and Andy Thompson at 'Cut the Carbon' march St Paul's Cathedral 2007
Living Legacies

Jean Thompson

For almost 30 years, Jean Thompson has helped organise house-to-house collections and coffee mornings to raise funds for our work. She has been an activist too, successfully campaigning for the introduction of UK climate legislation and the cancellation of millions of dollars of debt owed by developing countries. Closer to home in Bangor, County Down, she even persuaded local supermarkets to stock fair trade produce. Now she has pledged a gift in her Will to Christian Aid. 

Living Legacies

Albert Smallwoods

Albert Smallwoods from Derry/Londonderry was born in 1937. His early years were tough:

“My father, Joseph drove a horse and cart, delivering goods from the railway station to shops and offices. His asthma meant that he couldn’t work for many months at a time and often we wouldn’t even have the money to buy coal.”

The hardship of his childhood led Albert to spend much of his life fundraising to end poverty in developing countries. Now he has pledged a gift in his Will to Christian Aid - so that his love can live on.

Albert Smallwoods and wife Vivian on his 80th birthday
Leave a lasting legacy by remembering Christian Aid in your Will.

For support on your next steps, you can contact Sarah Leeman by email on or find out more at our 'Gifts in Wills' portal.