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We work with local partners and communities to fight injustice, respond to humanitarian emergencies, campaign for change, and help people claim the services and rights they are entitled to. Every pound donated and every fundraising event held helps us to eradicate poverty.

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Aline with the bicycle she bought using the profits she made from selling the avocados and peanuts she was able to begin procuring thanks to a loan she received from the village savings and loan association. Credit: Ndacayisaba Epitace/Christian Aid
Woman with loaded bicycle in Burundi smiles

Christian Aid Week

Find resources, stories, and ideas to get ready for Christian Aid Week (12-18 May).

Spring Appeal

Another year of failing crops is another year of anxiety and desperation for Honduran farmers.

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Maria and Jose harvesting honey in Honduras Credit: Christian Aid
Harvesting honey in Honduras
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Kakoli runs a successful Nakshi kantha-making business and is also in the first year of her degree. Credit: Fabeha Monir/Christian Aid
Woman in trees Bangladesh

Christmas Appeal

Every woman deserves the chance to break out of poverty…