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Become a Church Representative or Organiser with Christian Aid Ireland

At Christian Aid Ireland, we’re committed to working in partnership with supporters and churches to end poverty and injustice. Our Church Representatives play a vital role in this.

Church Representatives provide their congregation and surrounding community with a personal connection to Christian Aid Ireland. Their role is to:

  • Share about our work;
  • Call others to action through prayer and advocacy;
  • Coordinate fundraising activities on a local level.

The role of the Church Representative is absolutely essential to encouraging others to support Christian Aid Ireland and work towards a world where everyone lives in dignity, free from poverty, injustice, inequality and violence.

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Hear from our Church Representatives


Christian Aid Week is the most significant moment in our calendar, and this is when our Church Representatives become our CAW Champions! We rely on our Church Representatives to communicate the difference that your church and community could make to lives around the world.

We spoke to some of our current Church Representatives about how they came to take on the role within their church and community, and the impact this has had on their lives.

Beth is the Church Representative for St. Swithin’s Church in Magherafelt, a church with deep connections to Christian Aid, having supported our work for over 50 years.

“I took over as Church Rep a number of years ago, following on from the passionate leadership of the lady who first spearheaded our church and community’s involvement. In my role, I encourage our volunteers that together we are making a difference to the lives of many people who are in great need in the world right now. During Christian Aid week, we hold a street collection and the community is most generous; even in times we are living in at moment! When I ask for volunteers, by and large, people are very willing to come onboard to help with a fundraising breakfast or maybe soup lunch to try and raise a few more pounds. I would find it very difficult to watch tv screens with such conflict and disasters happening in the world and not do anything. I always feel a little better if I have tried to raise funds, however small they may be.”

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Kay is a Christian Aid Group Organiser based in east Belfast, and in her role she supports and resources Church Representatives from eight churches in her area.

“I recently retired from teaching and wanted to continue to contribute positively to society. The east Belfast rep from my church was ready to step down, so I felt I was in a fortunate enough position to have the time to help her out and I felt I had skills that could be put to good use. I have found that the return for my efforts has been much more than the investment! I have met some lovely people from other churches and have learnt so much about the practical work that Christian Aid does throughout the world. I would heartily recommend the role to others as it is a very practical way to live out your faith.”

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Màire is the Church Representative and Coffee Event Organiser for Tullamore Presbyterian Church in Co. Offaly.

“I first heard about Christian Aid 70 years ago, when I visited the island of Iona and became an Associate Member of the Iona Community. Two of the things being a member includes are giving financial support to good causes and spending our spare time well. I chose to give my time and support Christian Aid then and have done so ever since. In Tullamore Church, I continued this and sort of fell into the position of representative. I naturally enjoy spreading the word about the good work of Christian Aid, and I hope that when I’m no longer the representative someone else will take over!”

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Becoming a Church Representative

Does your church have a Christian Aid representative?

We are looking for individuals who would be willing to receive information from us about appeals, events, and resources, and to share these with their church congregation. And, we are committed to supporting you in this role by:

  • Providing you with information and resources
  • Keeping in touch on a regular basis, via email, phone, or in-person
  • Inviting you to our annual Supporter Conference and other key moments
  • Organising teaching moments about Christian Aid Ireland and our partners
  • Giving advice on running fundraising events
  • Guiding you on all matters relating to finance
  • Welcoming and responding to your feedback

Christian Aid Ireland walks closely with local churches so that we can walk closely with our global partners. If you would like to know more about becoming a Church Representative, you can register your interest at


Volunteer Resources

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As a Church Representative, you’re the face of Christian Aid in your church and beyond.

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