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Harvest Appeal

'We have never seen a drought like the current one in our entire lives.'

At Harvest, we celebrate God’s gifts, the food we have grown, and the wonderful things we have to eat.

But right now, millions of people in East Africa - across Ethiopia, South Sudan and Kenya - are unable to grow crops as the climate crisis rages on. After the worst drought in 40 years, they are facing the threat of famine.

People like Bidale are taking desperate measures to survive extreme hunger, and urgently need your help.

Will you use your Harvest service this year to support our East Africa Hunger Crisis Appeal?

With your gifts this Harvest, you can help give lasting hope, and help people build a life free from poverty and injustice.

Get involved


Pray with us this Harvest and organise a collection in your church.

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Donate today to give lasting hope this Harvest

With your gift, we can help stop this widespread malnutrition and hunger.